Těšínská 2977/79C, Opava, CZE

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History of the Company

  • 1958 Beginning of production of explosion-proof devices.
    Foundation of the production program was electronic equipment for mining machines used in Czechoslovakia.
  • 1990 Tight cooperation between Ostroj company division of electric equipment and a foreign partner Hansen & Reinders seated in Gelsenkirchen producing explosion-proof electric equipment for mines.
  • 1992 In December, after two-year-long cooperation, the company is set up. Proprietorship of the company: 40% German company, 40% Ostroj Opava and 20% management of the new company.
  • 1993 On March 1, the economic activity of Ostroj-Hansen + Reinders, spol. s r.o.
  • 1997 Ostroj Opava a.s. sells its ownership interest to German company Hansen & Reinders seated in Gelsenkirchen
  • 2001 Ostroj-Hansen+Reinders, spol. buys some land and buildings from Ostroj Opava a. s.. Also new hall for machine production and storehouse are built.
  • 2002 The company adds to its scope of activities sale and maintenance of electric motors and generators. Therefore establishes a department in Ostrava, subsequently in Opava.
  • 2003 Set up a subsidiary company OOO SIB Hansen in Russia (Kemerovo Oblast, Leninsk-Kuzneckij).
  • 2004 New hall for electrical assembly and storehouse are built. The company invests in new technologies.
  • 2005 Set up a subsidiary company OOO Hansen Ukrajina in Ukraine.
  • 2006 Rebuilding of old production areas (production of lights and vacuum contactors).
  • 2007 Representation in Mexico
  • 2011 On August 1st the company is renamed to Hansen Electric, spol. s r.o. Also some changes in the proprietorship take place: 50% Hansen Sicherheitstechnik A. G., and of 25% management.
  • 2012 Representation in Kazakhstan
  • 2013 Full buy back proprietorship by the management of the company. Company is fully INDEPENDENT!
  • 2015 Set up a subsidiary company Hansen Alagrup, Turkey and Hansen Electric Polska, Poland
  • 2017 Representation in Belorussia, Vietnam, South Korea and South Africa.