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Electric Motors and Generators

We repair AC and DC electric motors, with short armature and with wound armature, air-cooled and water-cooled electric motors.

In addition to standard electric motors, we also repair explosion-proof electric motors.

We have the necessary permissions to perform these fixes.

Repairs of Electric Motors

We perform

  • comprehensive services in the field of repairs of low and high voltage electric motors
  • general and medium repairs of low and high voltage AC electric motors, including electric motors in explosion-proof design
  • general and intermediate repairs of direct current and electric motors, including engines of mining machines and rotary converters (Ward-Leonard equipment)
  • general and intermediate repairs of dry and oil transformers, including oil regeneration
  • general and intermediate repairs of electromagnets and coils of all powers
  • all services even at the position of the machine at the customer

We use modern technologies

  • we use a processor temperature controlled firing oven to remove the old winding
  • we use a vacuum-pressure impregnation station for impregnation of wound windings
  • we use a modern TIRA balancing machine (for dynamic balancing of rotating parts up to 5000kg)
  • we use modern machinery for machining machine parts
  • parts are cleaned in an automatic dishwasher


  • we are an authorized repair shop for the repair of non-explosive electric motors of the company BREUER-MOTOREN GmbH & Co.
  • we are an authorized service partner of SIEMENS

Diagnostics, measurements and more

Winding diagnostics

Measurement of winding resistances:

  • measuring even very small resistances from 0.1µΩ to 2500Ω
  • measuring current up to 10A
  • four wire measurement method
  • temperature compensation of the measured resistance

Measurement of insulation conditions of windings

  • insulation resistance measurement from 10kΩ to 10TΩ
  • test voltage 500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V and variable voltage in the range 40-5000V
  • measurement with adjustable stepwise increasing voltage
  • calculation of DAR coefficient, polarization index PI and dielectric discharge coefficient DD
  • display of the graphical course of the measured insulation resistance R (t) Winding test with a shock generator PSG 212A
  • shock wave voltage up to 12kV
  • smooth increase in voltage
  • winding symmetry test, thread short circuit detection, short circuit to ground, short circuit between phases
  • wave reflection display on an oscilloscope

Withstand voltage test

  • withstand voltage tests up to 15kV
  • smooth increase of the voltage to the desired value
  • capacitive current of the isolation system up to 1000 mA

Thermal imaging measurement

We perform thermovision measurements with a camera with recording and export to common graphic formats. Measurement with a thermal imaging camera is used in the following industries:
in electrical engineering - measuring the quality of current connections, measuring the heating of switchboard elements, measuring the temperature of the magnetic circuit during a magnetization test
in engineering - checking the heating of bearings, gearboxes and other machine components during operation
in the construction industry - checking the thermal technical properties of building envelopes
in industry - checking the state of thermal insulation of technological distributions (steam, hot water)

Vibration measurement and diagnostics

A one-time vibration measurement is used to assess the mechanical condition of the equipment and to determine the basic causes of vibrations. By measuring, knowledge can be obtained to eliminate vibration, but it is difficult to determine the degree of vibration danger for the equipment and to make a forecast about the future development of the equipment.

Periodic measurement of vibrations is a very effective tool for predictive maintenance of machines and equipment, vibrations are measured at periodic intervals, the goal is to obtain information about the development of the detected machines, individual measurements are stored in software and by evaluating the trends of the measured values we get a picture of the state of the machine and its possible future development.

We measure vibrations with the ADASH A4300-VA3 device, the data is analyzed and stored in the DDS2011 system.

Laser setting

Misalignment mainly causes increased vibrations of the machinery, which results in increased stress and wear on the bearings. The consequence of this is an increase in repair and maintenance costs, as well as increasing losses from machine downtime. So it's obvious that CO-AXIALITY PAYS!

The classic methods of measuring alignment and alignment using feeler gauges are simple, but the quality is usually not enough. Measuring with an indicator watch is more accurate, but it is a time-consuming method and requires a lot of experience in setting up. The most accurate and time-saving method is therefore laser setting. Laser positioning is a simple and effective method that guarantees high positioning accuracy.

Balancing of rotating parts

We perform dynamic balancing in one or two planes on balancers H40U by Schenck and K5000B/Tira 9000 by TIRA. We also carry out operational balancing at the customer's machine position. We carry out balancing of electrical machines, impellers of pumps, fans, etc.

New production of electric motors

We offer the sale of these electric motors from our production.

HVM 250 M4, 55kW

  • three-phase asynchronous electric motor with short armature in non-explosive design (fixed closure)
  • intended for driving mining equipment
  • in the variant for voltage 500V(50Hz), 1000V(50Hz), 440V(60Hz)
  • in flange design with IP65 protection, thermal class H, air cooling

HV(K)M 280 M4, 100kW

  • three-phase asynchronous electric motor with short armature in non-explosive design (fixed closure)
  • intended for driving mining equipment
  • in the variant for voltage 500V(50Hz), 1000V(50Hz), 440V(60Hz), 660/1140V (50Hz)
  • in flange (HVM) or foot-flange (HKM) design with IP65 protection, thermal class H, air cooling