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Vibration analysis and dynamic position balancing

Vibration measurement and analysis using the adash VA4 pro II analyzer:

  • We carry out the one-time measurements for assess the mechanical condition of the equipment and for the determination of the basic causes of vibrations
  • We carry out periodic measurements as a very effective tool for predictive maintenance of machines and equipment. Vibrations are measured at periodic intervals, the aim is to obtain information about the state of detected machines
  • We apply the method of operating waveforms
Va4 Pro2

Adash VA4 pro II allows the use of the following modules:

Va4 Pro2 1
Va4 Pro2 2
Va4 Pro2 3
  • ANALYZER allows to perform an analysis of the measured signal according to the set parameters. It is possible to measure values in different frequency ranges, capture time proces, calculate spectra of the basic and modulated signal
  • ERRAND allows to perform repeated measurements with preset parameters. It saves time during the frequently data collecting, from multiple machines at the same time
  • STARTUP enables analysis of the required data over time with preseted storage parameters
  • BALANCING allows to carry out operational balancing of rotating parts of machines in one or two planes
  • FASIT (Fast Source IdentficationTool) is an expert system for automatic detection of machine faults such as unbalance detection, misalignment detection, mechanical loosening detection and bearing condition detection
  • STETHOSCOPE allows to listen the vibration signals from the bearings in the headphones
  • LUBRI is a module for control and monitoring of the bearing lubrication process
  • OCTAVE ANALYSIS enables the measurement of audible sound using an ICP microphone
  • IMPACT TEST enables a simple determination of the resonance frequencies of the structure using an impact hammer
  • ADS (AnimatedDefectionShape) is based on the operational wave shape method, which depicts machine vibrations using slowed animation to a very low frequency with increased amplitude. Then the vibrations become visible to the human eye
  • ULTRASOUND measures sound waves inaudible to the human ear. It is used, for example, to detect air leaks, electrical sparking or the detection of incipient bearing failures

Dynamic balancing

We perform in one or two planes on balancers H40U manufactured by Schenck and K5000B/9000 by TIRA. We also carry out operational balancing directly on the machine position at the customer's location. We perform balancing of electric machine rotors, pump impellers, fans, flywheels and other technical equipment.

Schenck H40u

Balancing machine SCHENCK H40U

Type of drive cardan
Balancing speed: 180-5000 RPM (simulation)

Parameters of the balanced object:

min. weight 10 kg
max. weight 750 kg
max. weight with symmetrical loading of the racks 1000 kg
max. diameter 1400 mm
max. length 2600 mm

Balancing machine TIRA K5000B/Tira9000

Type of drive girdle or cardan
Balancing speed 100-2000 RPM

Parameters of the balanced object:

min. weight 50 kg
max. weight 5000 kg
max. diameter 1500 mm
max. length 2400 mm

Operational balancing VA4 pro II vibration analyzer with operational balancing module:

  • We carry out operational balancing directly on the machine position at the customer's location
  • Requirement for the object to be balanced is: free access to the rotating part (rotor, impeller) due to the location of the balances
  • Furthermore, it is necessary to be able restart the device at different stages of the balancing process

Laser alignment

  • Misalignment mainly causes increased vibrations of the balanced set, which results in increased stress and wear on the bearings. This leads to increase of repair and maintenance costs, as well as increasing losses from machine shutdown. So it's obvious, CO-AXIALITY PAYS!
  • Misalignment on the coupling can be parallel or angular. In practice we most often encounter combined misalignment. The classic methods of measuring alignment (alignment using feeler gauges) are simple, but the quality is usually insufficient. Measuring with an indicator watch is more accurate, but very time-consuming and requires a lot of experience with settings. The most accurate and time-saving method is mentioned laser setting.
Laserove Ustaveni Soustroji 1
Laserove Ustaveni Soustroji 1


We perform non-contact temperature measurements by a thermal camera with a huge range of temperature resolution.

We use thermovision in electrical engineering, as part of our service activities: Measuring the quality of current connections, measuring of the switchboard elements heating. Temperature measuring of the magnetic circuit during the magnetization test

Defekt v magnetickém obvodu elektromotoru

Defect in the magnetic circuit of the electric motor

Nekvalitni Proudove Spoje Tinified

Poor quality current connections

Kontrola Oteplen Lozisek Tinified

In engineering: Control of bearings heating, gearboxes and other machine components during operation

Kontrola Stavu Tepelnych Izolaci Tinified

In industry: He thermal insulation check of technological distributions (steam, hot water)

Measurement of electrical units: Static tests

Insulation system of machines and equipment

  • Measurement of insulation resistance from 10 kΩ to 10 TΩ
  • Test voltage 500 V, 1000 V, 2500 V, 5000 V and variable voltage in the range 40-5000 V
  • Calculation of DAR coefficient, polarization index PI and dielectric discharge coefficient DD
  • Display of the graphical illustration of the measured insulation resistance R (t) in adjustable intervals
  • Automatic discharge of measured windings
  • Measured data can be transferred and stored in a PC
Mereni Elektrickych Velicin 2 Tinified

Machine winding resistance

  • Measurement of small resistances from 0.1 µΩ to 2500 Ω
  • Measuring current up to 10 A
  • Four-wire measurement method
  • Temperature compensation of the measured resistance
  • Three measurement methods (inductive, non-inductive and non-inductive AUTO)
  • Measured data can be transferred and stored in a PC
Mereni Elektrickych Velicin 1 Tinified

Machine winding resistance

Shock wave winding tests up to 12 kV

  • Shock wave voltage up to 12 kV
  • Smooth increase in voltage
  • Winding symmetry test, detection of thread shorts, shorts to ground, shorts between phases
  • Viewing the reflection of the wave on the oscilloscope
  • Saving the measured waveforms in the PC
Mereni Elektrickych Velicin 3 Tinified

Withstanding voltage tests up to 15 kV/1 A

  • Non-destructive tests with withstand voltage up to 15 kV
  • Continuously increasing of the voltage up to the desired value
  • Capacitive current of the isolation system up to 1000 mA
  • The device is mobile, we also offer measurements at the customer's location
Mereni Elektrickych Velicin 4 Tinified


The following tests can be performed in the test room:

  • Test of rotating machines with no load, short circuit, increased voltage,
  • Machine running test with vibration analysis
  • Measuring the heating of a machone parts with a thermal camera, performing heating testsk
  • Measurement of torque, current and load characteristics in all quadrants
  • Testing of converters under load in all modes
Dynamicke Zkousky

Loading by use of asynchronous dynamometer with the following parameters:

  • Maximum axial height 800mm
  • Maximum load moment 4100Nm
  • Maximum speed 3600 rpm
  • Maximum mechanical power 630kW
Zatěžování probíhá pomocí asynchronního dynamometru s následujícími parametry:

Power supply options:

  • Voltage range 0-200V, current 1880A, frequency 5-85Hz
  • Voltage range 0-500V, current 750A, frequency 5-85Hz
  • Voltage range 0-660V, current 570A, frequency 5-85Hz
  • Voltage range 0-1000V, current 375A, frequency 5-85Hz
  • Voltage range 0-1140V, current 330A, frequency 5-85Hz
  • Voltage range 0-3300V, current 115A, frequency 5-85Hz
  • Voltage range 0-6000V, current 63A, frequency 5-85Hz
  • Voltage range 0-7800V, current 50A, frequency 5-85Hz
Možnosti zdrojů

Other options:

Except to motors with self-cooling, we are also able to test electric motors with external cooling or electric motors with water cooling. We have an independent water cooling system:

  • Constant temperature of the cooling water at the outlet
  • Maximum flow rate 25l/min
  • Maximum outlet pressure 10bar
Možnosti zdrojů