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Winding and impregnation



  • Winding and insulating LV and HV coils for AC and DC motors from round and profile wires
  • Winding of HV coils by the Resin Rich method with a discontinuous system (eventual a continuous system)
  • Anti-corona protection
  • Connecting coils: soft and hard soldering, crimping
  • Max dimensions: 1.5 x 0.4 m, 10.5 kV

Examples of wound stators in various stages of coil insertion, connection, impregnation

Crimp joint


  • By soaking
  • Pouring
  • VI - Vacuum impregnation
  • VPI - Vacuum impregnation with overpressure
  • Impregnation varnish Dolphon, Damisol (alternatively Voltatex, Dobecan)
  • Regular control of varnish quality (purity and clarity, viscosity, gel time)
  • Boiler size: Ø 1.2 m, length 1.3 m, up to 1.5 t, possibility to impregnate rotors as well