Company Profile


The company has its own development base and engineering department consisting of 20 employees of total 225 employees. The development department disposes of the latest computing and measuring technologies, engineering department uses technologies which permit 3D engineering.

Company has invested about 25 million CZK in the construction of technical laboratories focused on testing of power transformers, electric motors and frequency converters under full nominal load.

In the field of development there is a tight cooperation with Technical Laboratories Opava and Physical Technical Testing Institute in Ostrava-Radvanice, furthermore the company employs two external programmers.


Opava – Předměstí, Těšínská 2977/79C:

  • Explosion-proof electric equipment:
    • Transformer sets
    • Switching sets
    • Frequency converters
    • Lights
  • Intrinsically safe equipment:
    • Signaling and speech devices
    • Sensors
    • Power supplies


Opava – Komárovská:

  • Vacuum contactors
  • Production and reparation of electro motors



  • Production and reparation of generators


The company provides production in the whole range – from the production of machine parts to assembly of electric components including low-voltage and high-voltage. The production is using the latest top technologies. The company cooperates with many Czech and also foreign companies in order to secure its wide production program.


The sale of our goods is direct; it means that the company does not use services of intermediary companies. The only exception is Russia and Ukraine where the sale goes through our subsidiary companies. The subsidiary companies also provide commissioning and maintenance of the electric equipment. Our goods are often part of delivery to world-known producers of mining technologies such as Joy, Famur, Caterpillar, Ostroj, TMachinery etc. The company sales its electro equipment to the whole world except Australia.